domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

all about music, babe

Music is not just what played that night and what you listen in your pc.
I wanna see more of people who never, ever had the chance to listen to some good music, searching for it. I wanna see more of I ♥ Hendrix, or We want rock 'n' roll.
nowadays everything is about pop music, and sertanejo. BULLSHIT!
People should be more interrested in music, good music.
People should know the history of music or just like it, but undertand what is all about..
People used to tell me that i was a depressed and weird girl, just because sometimes i like being in a dark room listening to rock ou indie music.. it makes me float! But these nonsense people just don't get it, and this is the biggest ignorance of all times.. People who dosen't know anything and just give their stupid opinion about it.

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